Q:   How often do I need to mow my property?

We recommend mowing every 2-4 weeks during the growing season (March through December) in order to most efficiently control overgrowth.

Q:   What will happen if I don’t mow my property on a regular basis?

The city will place a red notice of violation on your property and notify you by mail. You will then have a specified amount of time before the city takes action.

Q:   What happens if I wait until after the date on the notice?

The city will usually send a contractor to mow your property and charge you the going rate plus additional fees. They may also file a lien on your property if payment isn’t received. Only one notification is served in a calendar year, at which point they reserve the right to mow whenever you are outside of code.

Q:   What are the City Code Requirements for Dallas, Rockwall and Collin counties?

Most cities in North Texas have a 12–inch growth maximum while others, such as Mesquite, have an 8–inch maximum. Most of this information can be found on the city website under code enforcement.

Q:   How much do you charge?

Pricing is competitive and depends on many factors such as distance, size of property, condition, and services requested. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Q:   How can I contact J&A Services?

Call 214-533-0112 during regular business hours or click here to request a quote online.